About the Sammlung Online

What is the Sammlung Online?

The Sammlung Online is a platform where visitors can find information on the artists and works in the Sammlung Goetz’s holdings. It can be accessed via the Sammlung Goetz website and is linked to its database.

Which works are part of the Sammlung Online?

The core of the Sammlung Online are the media artworks that Ingvild Goetz donated to the Free State of Bavaria—together with the museum building—in 2014. These objects primarily consist of films, videos, slide and multi-channel projections, as well as extensive multimedia installations. Since the donation, many works have been added to the collection. We will put these online, step by step, augmenting them with illustrations, information, video clips, and—in some cases—even entire films.

When will all the works in the Sammlung Online be available?

The Sammlung Online is continually being updated and supplemented. Unfortunately, the clarification of image copyrights can take time; thus, the works can only be put online gradually. And because the collection is also being expanded through new acquisitions and donations, it is impossible to provide a definitive timeframe for this process, unfortunately.


Searching the Sammlung Online

What kinds of topics and objects can I search for?

You can search for artists, work titles, materials/techniques, genres, dates (by year) or periods of origin, keywords and albums. The auto-complete function facilitates the search process.

What are keywords?

Keywords are search terms that can be used to search for superordinate, content-related, formal or purely visual characteristics. They expedite your search for works and establish links to other works.

What are albums?

Albums are groups of works that are organized according to specific themes or characteristics.

I saw an object in an exhibition, but I cannot find it in the Sammlung Online. What could be the reason for this?

To date, only works that were part of Ingvild Goetz’s donation to the Free State of Bavaria are included in the Sammlung Online. Additionally, not all works can be put online, as the copyrights to some images have not yet been determined.


Representation in the Sammlung Online

Why are some works represented only with images and others with video clips or entire films?

It is our goal to visually present the works from the Sammlung Goetz as extensively as possible with images, video clips and—in some cases—even entire films. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. This may be, for example, because an artist has not granted us comprehensive rights; because the nature of the work does not permit this; or because only inadequate image material is available.

Why can't I watch the videos?

The videos for the works are embedded in the Sammlung Online via Vimeo. To view the videos, you must enable "embedded video content" in the cookie settings.


Additional questions

Can I download and reuse images?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as all content in the Sammlung Online is protected by copyright laws and may not be reused without permission. Therefore, if you wish to do this,  please send your request for images to: bildarchiv@sammlung-goetz.de.

Do you have any further questions about the Sammlung Online?

If so, please contact us at: sammlungonline@sammlung-goetz.de.


Information about the Sammlung Goetz, the exhibitions, the museum and the collector can be found on our website.